The story of Noyah

We believe that earthy can be glamorous, natural can be rebellious, and that classic and cutting edge are just opposite sides of the same coin. After all, who says you can't be a cosmopolitan do-gooder or hug a tree in a suit?

So yeah, we love dualities and believe that looking good and being good are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, noyah means "divine beauty," and in our hometown of NYC, divine beauty can mean equal parts Central Park and cosmopolitan chaos. And we celebrate this mash-up with eco-chic packaging filled with a range of colors to suit any look, whether you take your style cues from "the greatest city on earth" or the great outdoors.

Speaking of dualities, you likely eat pounds of lip care products during your life, yet these are made in cosmetic factories – if you eat it, wouldn’t you want it to be made as food? We do, so we make some of our products out of 100% food in kitchens instead of cosmetic plants. Yum. 

Which brings us to our mission: making products that don’t exist, but should. Our zeal for difference and contradictions comes from our founder, Dr. Josh Gordon, who heeded the call of entrepreneurship after graduating with a medical degree. And what would be more natural for Dr. Josh than to found a cosmetics company? Wait, it isn’t? Now you tell us?!

Seriously though, edible products is just our first step – more crazy, smart, and fresh things to come.

And until then, live divinely.